Zero Grocery

America’s first plastic-free grocery delivery service. Modernizing the milkman model to make sustainable grocery more accessible.


Cart & Checkout

A UX/UI redesign to update visuals with the new design system and to optimize the experience.  Decreased exit metrics and increased nonmember to member conversions post-launch. 


Navigation, Search, & Browse

A complete re-architecting of Zero's navigation, search, and browse experience. Find specific grocery list items more efficiently, browse through categories of interest, and discover new and relevant products.

Recipes & Bundles

A new feature to buy all of the items for entire bundles and recipes with one click. Adjust quantity as needed or purchase specific items within a bundle or recipe. An opportunity for Zero to showcase new or artisanal items, improve SKU discoverability, and make meal planning simple and more sustainable for customers.



Ticket Write-Up

I am responsible for all design-related tickets for product to engineering handoff. Tickets include acceptance and design criteria, UX flows, corner cases, and Figma links. 

Quality Assurance

Once tickets are moved to 'In Review' and launched to the development site, I sweep the new product to ensure the implementation functions as intended. Once engineering gets design sign-off, the product launches to the production site.


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